Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Critical Thinking Blog Post #9

In this course I opened my eyes up to more science that is out there. I never looked at science as a threat because I find it useful, but everything good always has its negative side. For example with the robots being made, I always thought I would like to have one to do everything for me because I am lazy. They threaten us in many areas that cannot be controlled if they were to get there. This course help me think about humanities with the David Gelernter story explaining robots would not be able to think as we do. It is amazing to learn about new things that has not been talked about. Who knew people was thinking that this millennium we would have flying cars and similar things to Futurama. Technology is gradually becoming more intellectual as the years go on. The critical thinking blog helped me come up with some essay ideas from reading others blogs and gave me a catch on what was on assignments that I missed. 

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