Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Topic Brainstorm

The piece of political work I will be discussing is women's rights. This topic interest me because of the struggle women had to encounter trying to develop the same equal opportunities as men. Women are subjected to certain typical jobs that they should take on, for example nurses, maids, and teachers. Women were always degraded as a weakling and weren’t capable of performing the same physical levels as men. Nowadays women are performing the same task as men in many job fields even though some people are still bias to women working in some areas. Another example women weren’t able to be participate in many sports because it was only a man role to play and that’s what people wanted to see. Now we have to different sexes for many majority of sports like soccer, basketball, and baseball. Even though women didn’t gain the respect to play with men , they now have the chance to show there skill level to show they can do the same thing. Women wasn’t treated how they were now and made me to believe that they were in some sort of segregation as blacks to whites, only they were to men. It isn’t fair to hear what women had their lives set out for them, which was to take to become a housewife, have babies, and stay home. We all are human beings and deserve to choose a life of our own and not to be subjected to a life that we have to live up too. Now that things has changed its better on men also because men were always looked to be the bread winner no matter what. Thats a lot of stress on one person and a lot of men nowadays does not obtain the right state of mind to take on that type of action. Women are now able to take care of themselves without the help of a male structure around. I would like to get more in depth about the actions that have taken place for women to get rights because all I know of is the general actions that took place.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Singing Civil Rights: The Freedom Song Tradition"

        Reed Stated that the Martin Luther King Jr Singlehanded started the Civil Rights Movement. It has always been in the back of my mind that Dr. king started the movement because he was the main name I would hear in the books and buzzing around. As learning more about the Black history, I learned that many people have put in more of a major impact to the movement. Dr. King was more of a representative and was willing to step up to speak for his people. It has changed my understanding about the movement cause now I know that there is many more people that gave there time as well as he did to make change happen. 
       Another myth Reed pointed out was that the movement was magically taught of by Blacks one day. The Civil Rights Movement took years of planning from the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) and SNCC ( Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee). They put in a lot of work and time to plan out the outcomes that they wanted to happen. When Reed pointed this out i then realized that I never knew how it started ( the roots of it ), he pointed a very good myth because I believed that Dr.king just started talking about change one day and made things happen. 

Reed changed my thoughts about the movement to believed that everything that happen was organized. While learning about civil disobedience like the montgomery  bus boycott was a set up, the NAACP put the whole boycott together which was very clever. Reeds saying made sense for every other event that happen well not all but most.

Eyes on the Prize

        One of the main factors that lead the Civil Rights Movement was the black soldiers that had came back from the World War II. They were able to experience other countries and states around the world to see what it was like living somewhere else. They came back with an attitude of wanting to make change in the South. 
The murder of Emmett Till was another leading factor to the Civil Rights Movement because his murderers was found not guilty to the crime they have committed. Everyone knew once the guys were found not guilty that things would have to change because justice wasn’t seek for it. Emmett did not deserve to die because he didn’t know any better about the rules of the South because he was originally from the North. 
The Rosa Park boycott sparked a lot attention in the South because she refused to offer her seat to a white gentlemen who wanted to sit there. There was plenty of seats available for him but he wanted to be obnoxious and bother her. Rosa was arrested and the media caught attention of it, spreading word, all blacks then began to boycott that lasted little more than a year. 
What I learned about the Civil Rights Movement was that our people fought there hardest to help the later generation not go through segregation. Also that we should be grateful what the pain they encounter trying to fight for freedom and equality. I wouldn’t like to learn anymore that i already know about the history because its very hurtful to hear and see the actions that took place. Seeing the movie helped me realized the actions were very severe and now I’m grateful for having the freedom i have now. While growing up and learning about the history in school didn’t seem that serious as I learned now.