Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Woman sports

I’ve found information about my topic in the book “A People’s History of Sports in the United States” by Dave Zirin. I learn a interesting topic on title IX, which gave equal funding for men’s and women’s educational opportunities. Before this Title IX passed less than 32,000 girls played sports and now that number increased to more than 150,000. It also stated that sports would benefit women in a good way saying that they would less likely be in abusive relationships or having an eating disorder. Another topic that caught my attention was the Olympics for women, it stated the changes women went through just to receive a golden medal. They would literally starve themselves, throw up food, and constantly try and maintain the lowest weight possible that they can. In that process many young kills ended up dying trying to become skinny when they were already was. Everyone in their support had play in the action from coaches to parents, which is very sad for some cases. Another topic I came across was soccer for women, men were receiving large amounts of money just participating in the world cup while women was receiving ten dollars a day in meal money and practiced on damaged fields. Women were never looked to be equipped to play such a conditioning and physical sport as the men was able to. Even in tennis, the Williams sisters was dominating everyone that came there way. Sports Journalist in 2003 rated that tennis was boring because two black women were taking over. Not exactly in those words but thats what they meant. Racism was a huge issue even for women in the sports as the men.