Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Critical Thinking Blog – Assignment #7

Robert Oppenheimer was called the father of the atomic bomb during the manhattan project. He played a negative role on society because of his contribution towards it.The atomic bomb only became threatening to us. Eventually other countries would want in and develop their own bombs. Nuclear weapons only damaged us, it gave power to the US and leakage for others to still and become a threat also. After World War II, he joined a team to make the atomic bomb which he was willing to do. He was a threat to everyone in the project because he built the bomb in his head. Oppenheimer knew everything it took to build that bomb so he knew he was needed and was not going to get kicked off any time. He was widely known throughout the world because he developed the most threatening invention. People knew with an invention like the atomic bomb getting into the wrong hands could destroy the world.

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