Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Critical Thinking Blog Post #4

In the movie Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, This clip was interesting to me because of the level of technology that was being shown. Robots are more intelligent than we know. Everyday scientist are trying to make robots become more human like as possible. That is a scary thought because eventually if they succeed, how are we supposed to tell a difference from human and robots in society? Robots has not become acceptable to most humans because they are a threat to humans. They are controlled they are not able to think on their own as humans. In the movie, one women robot really believed that she was a human until they put her through a series of questions to find the truth. If it takes that just to separate a human from a robot, what is the point of having them. Scientist who are working on developing the perfect robot is trying to make it better than humans. We cannot have that happen because there would a huge demand for them overtaking everything us humans do. Jobs will be in jeopardy because a robot would be more reliable than a human in some people views. In Dream-­‐‑ Logic, the Internet and Artificial  Thought by David Gelernter, he argues that machines will never have consciousness like  humans, even though they will be able to mimic our intelligence. It is true because they will never be able to think on their own because that is something that comes natural. A robot is program to know what is installed into them. If they take on something that is new they will go with what is closely related to it and perform the task even if it is wrong, but they feel it is right.

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