Thursday, April 7, 2011

Post #2

In the movie IRobot will smith plays a cop trying to exterminate the robots that tried to take over the world. The movie definitely shows science. The robots that played in the movie were servants to people they were assigned too. The robots was controlled by one huge mother board who had a mind of her own. The robots were designed to make life easy for humans. The robots had characteristics like talking, expressed emotion, and incredible strength. 
    I Robot gives us the idea of how things would look in the future if this was to occur. They also showed the car that controls itself which was an audi. All was needed was a spoken location and it will drive straight there. The houses was also equipped with features that you spoken to and it perform the task. 
This movie shows potential of what can become if robots play a part in our daily lives. IRobot showed the positive and negative reactions. It is a scary thought to see robots trying to take over the world because their built with capabilities that are stronger than natural humans. I feel threatened by the way things can turn out if robots could take over. This movie would attract an audience because people are too anxious know what the future will hold for us. 

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