Tuesday, April 5, 2011

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Hi, I'm Ronnie Stafford and I'm studying Liberal Arts: humanities & social sciences. I've been accepted to John Jay, In Fall '11 I will be attending there to study criminology. My current goal is to get into the law enforcement field.  I'm more I lean more to the science/technology field. I like to see science and new technology being develop. Science gives me a better understanding for things because scientist use facts to prove whats right and wrong. Technology fascinates me the most, I like having the latest electronic out. I play alot of video games, the graphics and new ways of playing with sensor motions is mind blowing. I remember when everything was wired, now everything is becoming wireless for video games.  Technology/science is good for the world because we are given clear understanding to information gathered. I also believe technology will be the way of the future because things will become more easier for us to live. Technology will always become more advance than what it is to amaze us at what can be done. 

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